Reflecting on my makeup purchases *rings the shame bell*

Well…I really gotta call myself out since my makeup purchases got a little out of control this year.

You would think that with the world situation going on, I wouldn’t be buying makeup…but nope! I’m fortunate enough to be living at home and I’m not in a bad financial situation, which means I’ve been fortunate enough to online shop. Since I’m not spending anything on transportation (it gets pricey in Toronto) or going out, it’s so easy to justify buying makeup. Not to mention, I started browsing through Sephora’s website more often than ever since I’ve been at home. I’m internally cringing because that sounds like such a spoiled-first-world-problem! Is anyone else in the same boat or is it just me?!

I think the more makeup someone buys, the quicker they get with making purchasing decisions.

For example, last year, I’d deliberate and deliberate before making a choice. I was trying to break out of the “buy it cuz it’s on sale” or “buy it cuz I need a pick-me-up” mentality. I’d swatch the product in store multiple times, look at it online, and sleep on it for weeks before I’d buy it.

I coveted the Natasha Denona Mini Gold Palette and the Charlotte Tilbury Collagen Lip Bath (Rosy Glow) for months before finally buying them. I love them both very much even though I haven’t used them much.

And the more time I spent looking at makeup, the quicker my purchasing decisions got.

It used to take me weeks to decide if I really want something and I’d be happy with the purchase. Now, it just takes me minutes or even seconds!

Here’s what I ask myself:

  • Will the product be worth the price?
  • Will it be new to your collection or do you already have something like this?
  • Can you picture yourself using a good amount of it?
  • Are both the formula and colour right for you?
  • Do you actually want this or are you just drawn to the marketing?

Being able to make a purchasing decision so quickly is both a good and bad thing. I’m much more critical now so I don’t go back and forth for weeks before deciding I don’t want something after all. On the other hand, I still feel temptation to buy things! If I justify to myself that I need it, I’m much less inhibited than before.

Anyways, those are my musings on my buying habits lately. I’ve collected so many things over this year that I barely touched. I love them all and I’d be using them if I was actually leaving the house! But instead, I’ve been buying something, hardly using it, and it’s on to wanting the next thing.

Some day, I’ll do a post and show just how much stuff I bought this year. It may not seem like a lot to hardcore collectors, but it’s a lot for an average consumer!