Collection Dupe – Charlotte Tilbury Vintage Vamp palette

Welcome to my “No, you don’t need that” series where I hopefully talk myself out of buying makeup I don’t need! To be fair, I probably don’t need most of my collection, but as a makeup lover, I need my variety! A lot of the time, I get temped by things that I can do without. I decided that whenever I get tempted, I’ll create a look with what I already have to prove that I don’t actually need it. I hope this inspires you to make use of your collection as well!

I love burgundy eyeshadow and the vampire look. I realized that the main reason I wanted this palette is because of the marketing images! This image inspires me much more than the palette does! It looks so elegant with a “sexy” edge, and it made me want the whole collection! Well done marketing team.

I recreated my look with dark curls (I haven’t done my hair since forever), glowy complexion, and red lips.

I found similar shades in my Violet Voss Berry Burst and Zoeva Spice of Life palettes. The shades aren’t an exact match, but they’re close enough to get the same vibe. The Vintage Vamp shades look so deep and rich in marketing images, but I heard they’re much more toned down in rea life.

Final Verdict: No, I don’t need it at all.

  • $66 cad is a lot for a palette you can only get one look out of. Charlotte Tilbury’s luxury palettes are good for someone who wants in invest in just a few everyday items…but as a makeup junkie, I’m better off buying a palette with more options
  • I do have Charlotte’s Easy Eye palette, so I can say that her formula is fantastic if you want something that blends super easily and isn’t insanely pigmented
  • If you’re also a makeup collector who is temped by these mini luxury palettes (totally understandable!), I’d say you’re better off either spending more on one of Charlotte’s larger palettes ($95 cad for 9 shades is better price per shade than $66 for 4) or just finding an alternative
  • Would I buy it on sale? I’d be tempted to, but I really shouldn’t

I hope this little post was helpful and inspired you to re-discover what you already have! Makeup is one of my biggest passions. I will never stop buying makeup, but I also want to be smart about my purchasing decisions.

See you next week!

~ Jin