My go-to makeup look then vs. how I do it now

I try to be individualistic with my style. There’s no such thing as “in season” if there’s a colour I like. However, I can definitely see how my look has changed with the trends.

My 2018 go-to makeup look

I was working full time at a salon and did my makeup…on the subway! I’d do my foundation and brows at home and the rest on my commute. I’d switch around the products I keep in my bag, but this is the look I kept gravitating to.

Since I had front bangs back then, I didn’t have to do much to sculpt my face. I just chiseled my cheekbones with this well loved terracotta blush I got from a boxycharm. I used the blush and highlight as eyeshadow too, and I’d apply it with my fingers (like a barbarian). Colourpop’s super shock shadow in frog is still my all-time favorite from them.

This duochrome Mac highlighter (snowflushed) is limited edition, but Colourpop’s Sol Body highlight in Pink Champagne is pretty close.

To this day, I cheap out on eyeliner and brow products. Personally, I don’t think it’s worth it to spend over $20 when I could get it for $3. But then again, I never used pricier ones. Let me know whether or not you believe it makes a big difference!

The eyeliner is a $3 felt tip one from Essence, and the brow pencil is the most popular one from Etude House.

All in all, this look is fiery and fierce, but it doesn’t take a lot of products or time to do!

How I do my makeup now

Fast forward to the present day. I’ve been buying a lot of makeup online, but because of quarantine, I haven’t been wearing much. Whenever I sit down at my table to play around, I’m drawn to natural looks like this.

When I was working last year, I got into the habit of using actual bronzer. I had to sculpt my face more since I started pinning my bangs back. I also started setting my face since my skin has gotten more oily.

I guess I also hopped on the trend of using more natural highlighters instead of only bling-bling ones. I had long since broken up with matte lipsticks, and staying home started my current obsession with lip glosses and sheer lipsticks.

For the longest time, I’ve been looking for a deep plum color in a glossy formula. It can’t be too purple, it has to have pigment, it also has to be shiny, and the formula has to be super smooth. Picky picky, I know! My beauty prayers were answered with NYX super cliquey lipstick in Cherry Cola. It’s the exact shade I’ve been looking for! This formula melts sooo nicely and it’s not too messy to use.

Most days, I wouldn’t even bother with base makeup or shimmery eyeshadow. If I want to put on eye makeup for a sense of normalcy, I’d just throw on two matte shadows and mascara. I’ve been learning how to use actual eyeshadow brushes!

I used to not be able to live without winged eyeliner, but I find that basic eyeshadow and mascara actually make my eyes look bigger. It’s a more sweet, wide-eyed look.

It’s ironic how dramatic looks can be surprisingly simple. Meanwhile, subdued looks can require more products, tools, technique, and time.

How has your go-to makeup look changed over the years?