When to splurge without buyer’s remorse

Life as a makeup lover is a constant debate between “I don’t actually need that!” and “I deserve to treat myself!”

As a big user of Korean/Japanese beauty products and affordable brands, most of my things are under $15. Since I’ve gone more “quality over quantity” with my mindset, I started buying higher end brands here and there. I’ve put together my mental checklist for bigger purchases that are worth the spend.

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If you’re celebrating something

The best way to justify buying something pricey you’ve had your eye on is treating it as a me-gift. This could be a birthday gift for yourself or something to celebrate a milestone.

An occasion like this doesn’t happen very often, so better make it count! This thought helps me narrow down my options and pick what I want the most.

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If it’s limited edition AND unique

Is it cynical to think that “limited” edition often gets turned into a cash grab? There are fantastic collabs and collections out there. But the makeup market is so saturated that it’s hard to come by limited edition things done very well.

If something is limited edition, unique in a significant way, and unique to your collection, go for it. If it nails all three criteria, I’d probably be regretful if I didn’t buy it and couldn’t find it again.


If it’s something you’ll use frequently

Let’s go to the other end of unique and special. I love fun makeup like crazy highlighters…but I don’t wear them every single day.

If I’m going to spend a lot on something, I want to be able to use it up and get my money’s worth. For me, this would be a really nice foundation or something in wearable colours. I’ve been keen on Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks, but I need to use the lip products in my project pan first.

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If you’re really, really drawn to the packaging

I love nice packaging. I’ve had to talk myself out of purchases I would have bought just for the packaging/aesthetic.

I’m much more inclined to spend on something if the packaging is attractive, feels luxe, and built to last. For me, an expensive product is more worth it if the packaging can be a good keepsake. Some things just have sentimental value! And yes, I am one of those people who has a box of keepsakes.


Best case scenario, the treat-yo-self item fits into multiple categories!

Happy treating,

~ Jin