Project Pan 2020 – Round 1

Last year, I went on a no-buy for the first six months. I wasn’t allowed to buy any new beauty related products unless I had completely run out of something. And if I did cave in, had to throw away every product I owned (no matter how expensive it all was), and go to the dollar store with $10 to replace all my stuff. Terrifying right?

The no-buy gave me a reality check on how long it takes to completely use something up. I want to start keeping track of products to use as much as I can. I’ll be doing this in rounds instead of months since I’ll be updating every few months.

*Oh geez what have I started, what should I even commit to*

*Relax Jin, you said you want to keep you makeup addiction under control and this will help*

For round 1 of my first recorded Project Pan *yayy!!*, I’m tackling my biggest problem areas- lips and highlight.


Lip Products

Since I got my lip colour tattooed last year, I’ve been using a lot more glosses and sheer lipsticks than matte ones. I want to use up at least a few of these before I buy any new lip products. I might never finish a traditional bullet lipstick, but I want to at least use a good amount of the Urban Decay one.

I love Estee Lauder’s Pure Colour Envy formula. It’s long wearing, feels quite nourishing, and not overly sticky or goopy. Personally, I like thicker gloss formulas.

Products left to right: Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy – Passionate Fuchsia, Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lip – Menagerie, Fenty Gloss Bomb – Fu$$y, Tarte Lip Quench Rescue – Berry, Urban Decay Vice – Backtalk




Highlights are my #1 favourite beauty product! I can’t live without some shimmer and sparkle! I even had multiple dreams about buying highlights…insane right?

I spent the most on my MAC and Smashbox ones, so I want to use these two the most.

I threw the Fenty Diamond Bomb in here since I’m not allowed to buy any more highlights until I finish at least one. This balmy formula in a mini size is the easiest to finish!

Products top to bottom: Smashbox + The Hoodwitch – Crystallized, Mac Snowflushed, Fenty Diamond Bomb



Facial Sprays

I actually love these sprays. I like how they look lined up on my table too! I’m not the biggest fan of the rosewater scent but I find the other two very refreshing.

About two months ago, I started getting lazy with my skincare and haven’t been using these sprays as much. There are other setting sprays I want to try, like Smashbox Primer Water, but I’m trying to be responsible by using more of the three facial sprays I already have.



Do we have any products in common?

Hugs and kisses,

~ Jin