Did they nail it?? – October Boxycharm Reveiw

Welcome to another Boxycharm reveiw! I was so excited to thoroughly try this month’s products! Next month will be my last Boxycharm review for the time being. I’ve collected wayy too much makeup, so I’ll be trying out a skincare box instead. I’ve been leaning towards the Mask box from Beauteque Monthly, but let me know any of your recommendations!


20181014_1700352619550072205824814.jpg  20181015_1524185997380240128026846.jpg

Demovia Lace Peel Mask (2 masks)

I was so happy to see two skincare items in my box! I always enjoy trying out new masks. The lace gave this mask such a luxurious experience. It made my skin so much softer and it really did pull out a good amount of white heads. However…it really hurt! It was like my first time using nose pore strips all over again. The verdict: effective but painful!


Farmacy Beauty – Green Clean

This smells just like lime popsicles. I’ve been using it on my full face and it does remove the vast majority of my makeup. Only some mascara is left over, which I wash off in the shower anyways. Also, it doesn’t sting the eyes which is super important in any skincare product.



Makeup Wear Tests

PUR Midnight Masquerade Palette

I do enjoy that there are face shades as well as eye shades in this palette. However, the highlight shade isn’t as pigmented as I thought it would be. The blush and bronzer is extremelyyy pigmented…which is good because a little goes a long way, but I prefer something more buildable.

The eyeshadows didn’t swatch too vibrant, but they applied smooth and opaque on the lid. Similarly with the palette from my August review, I wish the palette had a shade for highlighting the inner corner.


IT Cosmetics Superhero

When I saw that I’d be getting this product, I thought “another mascara???”. But this turned out to be perhaps the best mascara I’ve ever used! In terms of volume and length, it rivaled my absolute favorite, which is Doucce Punk Volumizer.

It didn’t budge all night even though I was crying of laughter at some point! It also removed fairly easily with the Green Clean.


Kat Von D – Everlasting Liquid Lipstick (shade Mother)

This has all the qualities that I believe a good liquid lipstick should: non drying, doesn’t get on your chin after eating, only one touch up needed, easy to create a sharp line.

It did fade quite a lot after a I ate a cheesesteak and had a couple drinks. But it didn’t smear everywhere!

When I wore it to work, it held out well against coffee, several bottled of water, and a non-greasy lunch.


Final Thoughts

Overall, this may be the first Boxycharm that I really liked all the products! I’m a little sad that next month will be my last. Looking at the spoilers, I’m not sure if it’ll top this month. Although I am very excited for the Grandoise Eyeshadow Palette!


Hugs and kisses,