Mixed box, mixed feelings – August Boxycharm verdict

The theme of this month’s Boxycharm is parties and night life….which sounds about right. Summer’s almost ending and it’s time to make some crazy memories! When I saw the spoilers, I felt like this box can either go very well or very badly.


Party Animal Palette

I was excited to hear that there is going to be a Laura Lee LA product! I don’t follow many beauty gurus, but I’ve been curious about her products. When it was revealed that this palette is going to be in the box, my immediate reaction was “oh god”. I love bright colours, but this is not the most wearable even for me.

The colours swatched kind of patchy on my arm, but they applied smooth and vibrant on the lid! I’m just using concealer as a base here. They wore well throughout the day, so I have no complaints formula wise. I know this is a palette of accent colours, but personally, I would’ve liked it more if there was a shimmer for the inner corner.

Smashbox Lip Palette

I absolutely adore the packaging on this. It’s such a compact little guy to take on the go. I like how there are a variety of colours and a small amount of each. It’s a product that I can see myself finishing.

Formula wise, it’s not super matte, but it’s not satin either. It did wear quite well. I only had to touch up once after lunch. I’m usually not the biggest fan of the brushes that come with palettes, but this lip brush was very good!

Eye Masks & Cuticle Oil

For when your body is mad at you after all the late nights!

There’s not much I can say here. The eye mask was good. I like how it’s the type that sticks to your skin so you can still walk around and do things with it on. There was enough serum in the package to cover my whole face and neck.

The cuticle oil smells chocolaty! It’s decent…not the quickest absorbing, but it does work. It’s also more watery than the other oils I’ve used. Which is good if you don’t like the super greasy feeling.

Tarte Mascara

I was impressed with this! It really lengthened and volumized my lashes even when I didn’t use a primer! It wore without flaking or smudging.

This mascara would’ve been perfect for me if it was black instead of dark brown. There’s not too much of a difference….but mascara should be black!

Gel liner

I feel like this brown gel liner is meant to be used with the dark brown mascara? So maybe you’ve partied all night and need a super simple makeup look the next day because you’re hungover and your skin does not feel good.

I’m not sure if I’m using too much, but this liner applies chunky on me. It’s not very pigmented at first, but it gets better after setting it with an eyeshadow.



My main concern with this month’s box is that the products seem all over the place considering the theme is parties. You get a super colourful palette. You could get a gradient lipstick. You could get a neutral lip palette. You could get lashes. And then there are the more subtle products like brown mascara and brown liner. And there’s also the possibility of getting primer, which seems kind of random. But all in all, I do enjoy most of the products I got.

Hugs and kisses


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