Road trip makeup – July Boxycharm verdict

Hello beautiful people! I’m quite excited to share my thoughts on this month’s Boxycharm. July, especially later on in the month, is the month of weekend trips for me. When I saw that this month’s theme was road trip, I had a “they did good” moment!

Instead of trying the products separately, I decided to do once look using all of them. So it’s as if I’m on a trip and this is mainly what I have to work with. Looking at all the box possibilities, I realized maybe their intention was to do a box with all the essentials you need for a summery, minimal look.

The first picture is just after putting it on, and the second one is after making lunch, going thrifting, and doing yoga.



Palette 🙂

I was initially turned off my this palette since it smells kind of plastic-like. But it’s not overwhelming. It’s probably the glue that smells instead of the shadow itself.

Anyways, the shimmers as gorgeous. They’re pigmented, blend easily, and not a lot of fall out. I realize the matte shades swatched kind of patchy. However, they blended well and I could easily dust off the fall out with a powder brush.

The shade on the top left made a really good highlighter! So no need to pack an actual highlight if you have this palette. I only wish the darker shades where even darker. Or if there was one very very dark brown.



Brow cream 😀

At first I was puzzled by how this product works…but was so happy when I figured it out! How convenient is this??? I prefer the look of brow gel over powder or pencil any day. But if I’m on the go, it’s clunkier to pack.

The brush was easy to use and it blended very well. Also, the shade is very universal. Personally, I wouldn’t buy it at full retail price, which is $26. But I’m certainly very happy I got it!



Eye cream :/

Oh god…why are Dr Brandt products so expensive?

This eye cream felt very nice and cooling going on, but it didn’t do much for my eyes. Perhaps it’s because I don’t have prominent dark circles. Maybe it’d work wonders for someone who does.

This is the second Dr Brandt product I received that I’m not overjoyed with. The first was the pore mask from the April Box, which isn’t doing a lot for me. To be fair, I have decent skin…so maybe their products are more effective on someone with more problematic skin.



Blush 😀

This is a great compact blush for $12.

It applied very evenly and blended quite well even though I didn’t powder up. It would’ve worn longer if I used a setting spray. I’m not the biggest fan of orangey makeup, but I quite like this rusty tone. Since this is a more affordable product, I was afraid the brush would be garbage. But it’s quite soft and easy to use! However, I did get some hairs falling out.



Mascara 🙂

For me, it’s hard to find a good mascara that doesn’t smudge, so I’m quite happy with this! I’ve tried expensive mascaras that gave me panda eyes and drugstore ones that wore very well.

I tried this mascara with and without primer and there wasn’t too much of a difference.


Hugs and kisses

~ Jin

I know I’ve been slacking on makeup posts this month, so thank you for waiting!