Monochrome spring look with Elf Cosmetics

Oh dear lord, what is spring any more? Toronto has been covered in layers of snow in April! Guess Canada’s doomed to an eternal winter now.

Anyways, my Elf order arrived and I’m to excited to be finally trying out their coveted highlighers and the new Monochromatic Multi Stick! Despite this product not having a ton of reviews, I decided to take a chance on it and was pleasantly surprised.

I started with the Missha Magic Cushion BB Cream and contoured with the NYX Wonder Stick in Light. I’ve been enjoying the Wonder Stick since I’m new to cream contouring and find it very forgiving. For brows, I used the Beauty Treats gel in Espresso Brown. (Psstt, one of my besties is loving it and believes it to be a good dupe for the ABH Pomade)

So the Mono Stick (oh god does that sound suggestive) is surprisingly pigmented!! I was expecting it to be a silicone-y balm with very light pigment, but the pigmentation is very nice and it’s very blendable and buildable. I’m using the shade Luminous Berry. This shade is definitely a LOT more pink-y than it appear on the website.

It does taste a little but soapy on the lips, but it doesn’t taste toxic or like kid’s makeup.



So here’s how it looks blended with just fingers. Yayy, I don’t look crazy anymore!



I finished up the look with the Elf Pressed Highlighter in Starlight Glow. (I also bought Pearl Glow) Their hightlight brush is very good! I’m not the most well-versed person when it comes to brushes, but I find that it picks up a decent amount of product and blends smoothly.

For eyes, I tight lined with the MacQueen Gel Liner in French Latte. I’m wearing the Diorshow Primer and Rimmel Endless Lashes today. Can I make it any more obvious that I’m trying to grow them?


Just a note about the highlighter, it does look very pretty on the skin but it’s quite powdery in the compact. This is what it looked like after swatching it once with my fingers and dipping in lightly with a brush.



Before making this post today, I wore the same makeup look yesterday. I wore different mascara, used the shimmery potted NYX Eyeshadow Base to prep my eyelids instead of concealer, and highlighted with Pearl Glow instead of Starlight Glow. I also used less of the Mono Stick overall.

After about five hours, the Mono Stick does crease a little in my lid, but that’s to be expected with Asian lids. It does hold up decently on the lids and cheeks, but not so much on the lips (which I expected).


Anyways, thank you so much for joining me on my first actual BEAUTY post!

My Boxycharm review is coming up as soon as it arrives and I have a review for a surprise product coming up too!


Hugs and kisses,