Welcome to my new blog Q&A

Welcome to the rebrand of ChocoLavender, which is now Leggings and Lacquer! 

I started this blog nearly a year ago without much of an idea where I want to go with it. It was about sharing my love for fashion and style with the world. That’s still what I want to do now, so the core values of this blog haven’t changed. This announcement is about what will be different and also answering some questions you may have.

Who are you?

I’m Jin, a somewhat functioning adult with creative friends, a love for fashion and beauty, and a almost unhealthy obsession with cats. Many of you may know me as the main fashion blogger for OnahJung.com.


OnahJung.com and I

I’ve been working with Onah since last summer. What I do for her is write fashion and life content, which is also posted on my personal blog. It’s been vastly helpful since it keeps me committed to produce content every week. The creative freedom has been wonderful too!

Where have you been the past few months??

This blog was on a mini-haitus because I wanted to completely revamp it before adding more posts. There was a point where I got so focused on writing that I didn’t take a step back and really look at my blog as a whole. I looked at the design and imagery of my blog and asked myself is this was a blog I’d follow. The honest answer was no. So that’s when I knew I had to do some serious design work.

The About and Contact pages are still in the works, but I’m quite happy with the layout of the Home page so far.

Did you stop posting?

Absolutely not! All my posts from the past few months are available to read on OnahJung.com.


How will your blog be different from OnahJung.com?

On my blog, you’ll get content that you won’t find there. I’m going to start blogging on beauty, which is something that I wanted to do from the start.

Since this is my own space, I’ll also be able to address things related to harder topics (feminism, LGBTQ, problems in the fashion world, mental health).


Why did you change the name?

ChocoLavender, the original name, is a combination of two of my favorite things- chocolate and lavender. I thought it was cute, but it didn’t really make sense.

Leggings and Lacquer represents not only what my style is, but who I am as a person. It’s about duality. On one hand, there’s the side of me that is genuine, rebellious, and doesn’t try to be someone I’m not (represented by the word leggings). And there’s another side of me that likes to dress up and wants to be seen in certain ways (represented by the word lacquer).


So what can I expect?

I’m still your real girl with real opinions- that’s not going to change!

The main thing you can expect now is more consistency in my topics. Every month will have a set structure. So for example, there will now be an OOTD summary at the end of each month.

You can also expect higher quality images and more original images.

And last but not least, expect me to get much better at replying to comments and supporting your posts!



For those of who who are clicking on my post for the first time, I really appreciate it and we can get to know each other. And for those of you have have been reading and supporting my posts on both this blog and OnahJung, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.