Styling challenge – one dress, five ways

Recently, I’ve done a styling challenge where I put together some outfits with clothes I haven’t worn often. Not only was it super fun, but it seems like you guys quite enjoyed it! Since I’m all about creativity with what you already own, here’s another styling challenge. This time I’ll be working with a little black dress (the timeless essential of Coco Chanel). For each look, I will be using only accessories and black shoes to change it up. Psst, I got my LBD for about $13 from Forever XXI about four years ago and it’s been one of my trust wardrobe savers.


A wide brim hat is a quick way to look more posh. I actually made this one for an accessory design class. Layer on some gold or rose gold jewelry and you’re good to go chill at Bloor Yorkville! Classic black pumps would complete the ensemble perfectly, but I like being able to walk so ankle boots it is.



Who said feathers and tassels are tacky? If you have any wild-west inspired pieces, pair them together for a modern cowgirl vibe. The great thing about earth tones is that they’re so versatile for mixing and matching. Claire’s is the place to go to get the quirkiest, cutest accessories for cheap.



You can’t go wrong with simplicity. The LBD is one of the easiest things to dress up. Add some silver bling and fake pearls for a Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired look.



Fur (or faux fur) shawls are one of the most underrated accessories! They can be intimidating to style since they’re so #extra. Just remember that simplicity is key. Pair them with something solid-toned in a matching color. Don’t forget to throw on some dramatic earrings to be super glam! I’ve worn this look to several fashion events and it really helped me stand out.



Help I can’t stop being #extra!! If you haven’t grown out of your rebellious fashion phase, show your spikes and studs some love with a rocker inspired look. You don’t need to go crazy with leather and 6″ spiked heels like I did. Just a few pieces (like a choker and a chunky ring) would be enough to get the vibe across. Any shoes with metallic detailing would be a bonus.


There’s a lot you can do to an outfit just by adding some bling! Before you toss out something you’re bored with, try breaking out your jewelry box (or trunk) and work some magic!

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